Our Services

Machines and tools

In order to further enhance your machines’ performances, DEFINIT provides you with various tools: complementary accessories from the VERTEX range (precision vices, pliers, trays, dividers …), consumables (cutting tools, cutters, and drills) as well as a wide variety of spare parts from different brands in stocks.

Expertise and consultancy

So as to help you develop further your business, we offer your many expertise and consultancy services: installation and machines certifications, need studies, feasibility studies, repair and maintenance quotes.

Repair and maintenance

DEFINIT accompanies you after the installation of your machine by offering you the option to subscribe to our continuous control and maintenance service with a whole planning, to minimize the risk of breakdowns and to allow you to organize your production pace without interruptions.

Installation and start-up

After the delivery, our technicians install and ignite your machine with you. The machine’s users will benefit from a detailed and thorough formation on how to operate the machine and the instructions to follow.

Machine handling

The relocation of your machines is never an easy operation. Thereby, our team of veteran technicians equipped with cutting-edge logistical tools (trucks, cranes and lifts) guarantee a safe and efficient transportation, whether it is between workshops or sites.

Compliance security

Your machines’ security is a crucial matter. We produce devices corresponding to the European regulations. We also propose a compliance service for your older equipment through the Repar2 workshops as well as ergonomic solutions for your work spaces.